Discover the Step-By-Step System for Creating a Lifetime of Income with Email Marketing

My name is Tom Corson-Knowles, and I'm the #1 bestselling author of twenty books including Email Marketing Mastery.

I created my first blog back in 2005. It was a simple venture, and I had a simple goal: to earn a full-time income online.

It took me a few years, and a lot of mistakes along the way, but I finally achieved this life-changing goal in 2012.

When I looked back at my income that year, I was shocked to discover that more than 70% of my income online was directly or indirectly created through email marketing.

I started to do some research and quickly realized I wasn't alone. Almost every six- and seven-figure online entrepreneur I talked to earned at least HALF of their income from email marketing.

For every dollar spent on email marketing, most businesses are earning back $38 in revenue! That's a 3700% Return on Investment (ROI) from email marketing.

That's why I created my Email Marketing Mastery video training course - to show you how to create a full-time income online with the most profitable, fun and fulfilling marketing strategy ever invented - email marketing.

Don't worry, we won't be talking about spamming or sleazy sales tactics. Just the real, step-by-step actions you need to take to create a sustainable online business using email marketing to connect with, serve and add value to your customers and prospects all over the world.

If you want to earn a serious income online, you have to learn how to use email marketing like a pro.

I can show you how.
"What Is Email Marketing Mastery?"
Email Marketing Mastery is the complete step-by-step training system and solution for creating a massive email list of raving fan customers and prospects who will buy from you, share your message and help you achieve your goals and dreams.
Here's what you'll learn in Email Marketing Mastery...
  • How to start building your email list right now even if you don't have a website, a product or any technical expertise at all
  • How to choose the best autoresponder service for your particular business to give you the most reliable, cost-effective and profitable tools you need to create a sustainable income online
  • ​Copy-and-paste email drip campaign templates to show you exactly how to create email marketing follow-up campaigns that will turn cold leads into happy, lifelong customers
  • ​​Simple, cheap and free strategies you can start using right now to attract your first 10,000 email subscribers and beyond
  • ​​How to make yourself the leading authority in your market by providing better information, service and support to your audience (and how to set it up on autopilot so you don't have to be spending all your time checking and sending emails)
As an Email Marketing Mastery lifetime member you get access to:
  • 24 step-by-step training videos showing exactly what to do every step of the way to build your email list like a pro
  • Detailed email marketing case studies that show you real email campaigns that are working right now, and exactly how you can model them to create instant results for your business​​Simple, cheap and free strategies you can start using right now to attract your first 10,000 email subscribers and beyond
  • ​Access to our members-only Facebook group for discussing advanced email marketing strategies with positive, like-minded professionals
What Our Students Are Saying

"I really enjoyed this superb course. Tom is a relaxed and confident instructor who knows his subject well. He uses a no-nonsense approach to course delivery that's not distracting, without any thrills and annoying graphics flying everywhere. I particularly enjoyed the bonus lectures too. I really feel as if I learnt a great deal. I highly recommend this engaging course."

—Marty Neary, Author of Free Your Mind

"This course have a lot of good info and Tom is very good in teaching. He sounds nice and really interested in helping. I also think the course is very well organized. I really recommend this course if you want to build a high quality email list."

— Professor Paulo Andrade, Ph.D.

"Very good course! Presentation is detailed and easy to follow. Very helpful for me and this gave mo more strategies to increase my email list. Thank you."

—Alicia Cabrera
What if I'm not good with computers or technology?
No problem!

This entire course was designed with beginners in mind so you can simply follow our system for email marketing success whether you’re a complete newbie or a tech genius. If you know enough to get to this website, you have all the skills you need to start using Email Marketing Mastery in your business today.

Our step-by-step tutorial videos, training and support will walk you through all the steps you need to get your email list created and your email marketing campaigns working. And if you ever need a little extra help, our attentive support team is always here for you.
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